Non-Fiction Books By Alums Q-Z

Simon Rodberg '96
What If I'm Wrong? and Other Key Questions for Decisive School Leadership (2020)

Carol Rosen '67

Sam Shepard: A Poetic Rodeo (2004)

Nathan Perl-Rosenthal ‘00
Citizen Sailors: Becoming American in the Age of Revolution (2015)

Catherine Ross ’67
Lessons in Censorship: How Schools and Courts Subvert Students’ First Amendment Rights (2015)

Lori Rothman '74, editor

Just-About-Right (JAR) Scales: Design, Usage, Benefits, and Risks

Judith Sachs '64
Sensual Rejuvenation (2008)
Getting the Sex You Want: A Woman’s Guide to Becoming Proud, Passionate, and Pleased in Bed (2002)
Twenty Minute Vacations: Quick, Affordable and Fun "Getaways" from the Stress of Everyday Life (2001)
Nature's Prozac: Natural Therapies and Techniques to Rid Yourself of Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks & Stress (1996)
When Someone You Love Has AIDS (1995)
The Healing Power of Sex (1994)

Bruce Schneier '81
Applied Cryptography (1996)

Sarah Schulman '75 (see also Fiction and Plays)
The Gentrification of the Mind: Witness to a Lost Imagination (2010)
Ties That Bind, Familial Homophobia and Its Consequences (2009)
Stagestruck: Theater, AIDS and the Marketing of Gay America (1998)
My American History: Lesbian and Gay Life During the Reagan/Bush Years (1994)

Susan Schulman '62 (see also Memoirs/Autobiographies)
Backstage Pass to Broadway: More True Tales of a Theatre Press Agent (2018)
Backstage Pass to Broadway: True Tales of a Theatre Press Agent (2013)

Lois GREEN Schwoerer, Jan. '45
Gun Culture in Early Modern England (2016)
The Ingenious Mr. Henry Care: Restoration Publicist

Diane M. Sharon '66

Patterns of Destiny: Narrative Structures of Foundation and Doom in the Hebrew Bible (2002)

Naunihal Singh ’88
Seizing Power: The Strategic Logic of Military Coups (2014)

Julie Suk ’93, Ph.D.
We the Women: The Unstoppable Mothers of the Equal Rights Amendment (2020)

Mecca Sullivan ’99 (See also Fiction)
Sister Love: The Letters of Audre Lorde and Pat Parker 1974-1989 (2018) (Introduction)

Deborah Tannen '62, Ph.D.
You’re the Only One I Can Tell: Inside the Language of Women’s Friendships (2017)
You Were Always Mom’s Favorite!: Sisters in Conversation Throughout Their Lives (2009)

You’re Wearing That?: Understanding Mothers and Daughters in Conversation (2006)
I Only Say This Because I Love You: Talking to Your Parents, Partner, Sibs, and Kids When You’re All Adults (2001)
The Argument Culture: Stopping America’s War of Words (1999)
Gender and Discourse (1995)
Talking from 9 to 5: Women and Men at Work (1995)
Framing in Discourse (1993)
You Just Don’t Understand: Women and Men in Conversation (1990)
That’s Not What I Meant (1987)
Perspectives on Silence (1985)
Conversational Style: Analyzing Talk Among Friends (1984)

Allan Tulchin ’86, Ph.D.
That Men Would Praise the Lord: The Triumph of Protestantism in Nimes, 1530-1570 (2010)

Amanda Udis-Kessler ’84
Queer Inclusion in the United Methodist Church (2008)

Lynn Visson '63 (see also Cookbooks/Food writing) 
What Mean?: Where Russians Go Wrong in English (2013)
Where Russians Go Wrong in Spoken English: Words and Expressions in the Context of Two Cultures (2005) 
Wedded Strangers: Russian-American Marriages (1998)

From Russian into English: An Introduction to Simultaneous Interpretation (1991)

Betty Walker '50
The Courage to Achieve: Why America's Brightest Women Struggle to Fulfill Their Promise, with Marilyn Mehr, Ph.D. (1992) 

Jonathan Warren '84
The Turn of the Screw: Third Norton Critical Edition (2021) (Editor)

Moira Weigel ‘02
Labor of Love: The Invention of Dating (2016)

Jonathan Weiler '83
Prius or Pickup?: How the Answers to Four Simple Questions Explain America’s Great Divide (2018)

Amy Werbel ‘82
Lust on Trial: Censorship and the Rise of American Obscenity in the Age of Anthony Comstock (2018)
Lessons from China: America in the Hearts and Minds of the World's Most Important Rising Generation (2013)
Thomas Eakins: Art, Medicine, and Sexuality in Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia (2007)

Sari LEVINE Wilde 
The Connector Manager: Why Some Leaders Build Exceptional Talent - and Others Don't (2019)

Alice ISAACS Zyetz ’55
You Shoulda Listened to Your Mother: 36 Timeless Success Tips for Working Women (1998)