The HCHSAA Class Coordinators: in their own words
2020 Milestone Reunion

We're delighted to introduce the class coordinators for the 2020 Milestone Reunions. In bringing alumni together, organizing a memorable day for their classmates, and fundraising for their class gift, class coordinators play a key role in strengthening the HCHS alumni community. We are thankful for their time and efforts.

From alumni of '15 organizing their first reunion, to the alumni of '55 who have stayed engaged for decades, it is our pleasure to share the diverse backgrounds and accomplishments of the men and women serving as our current class coordinators. 


2020 Milestone Reunion Class Coordinators

Sophie DITTMAN Heymann Jan. '45
June C. ROSS Marks '45
Elaine SCHWIDE Blackman
 Jan. '50
Phyllis LEKASHMAN Glantz Jan. '50
Judith SEGAL Zabar Jan. '50
Marlene ADER Lerner '50
Olivia HALMOS Grayson '50
Eva MASTER Kaplan '55

Jeanette ISENBERG Bersh '60
Elaine P. Brand '65
Mildred Kalik '65

Sara ROBBINS Schoenwetter '65
Susan Neidich
Deborah B. Kahn '75 Esq.
Sheila Anderson '80
Jean Tom '80
Keith Kaplan '85

Nina Habib-Spencer '90
Ian Wright '90

Anthony J. Accurso '95
Laurie Beth EHRLICH Emmer '95
Judd Kessler
 Max Sarinsky '05
Benji Goldsmith '10
Pravir Samtani '15

Jeanette ISENBERG Bersh, Class of ’60
I am Jeanette Isenberg Bersh the Class Coordinator of 1960. I was born in the Dominican Republic due to WWII and came to the US at the age of 4. My parents were very eager for me to attend Hunter. I started in seventh grade. I have been planning reunions and trying to keep class communications contact current for 40 years when I found 169 women before the internet. It "ain't" easy. Our class was very friendly with Mr. Kizner; he came to all our reunions and had us hysterical with his Hunter stories. We are a remarkable group of very interesting women graduating just before there were really equal opportunities. I worked for the labor department and then for our own mailing and fulfillment business with my husband, that also "ain't"easy. We look forward to seeing each other every 5 years and sharing our news.

Susan Neidich, Class of ’70
Susan Neidich
I have been coordinating my class reunions for the past 15 years and had worked on the class 20th and 30th reunions before then. My class was the last to spend six years and graduate from the “Castle” at 930 Lexington Avenue. We have been well connected these past fifteen years and have held gatherings on several non-reunion years.  Thanks to email, a now defunct yahoo group and Facebook, we have been able to keep in touch on a regular basis. The Centennial Class is looking forward to celebrating our 50th reunion next June and is hoping to get as many classmates as possible in attendance to at least one event.

My life journey has included living in Israel for over a decade.  I have children and grandchildren who give me much joy. I have worked in the non-profit world for over the past two decades and am currently the clergy assistant in a synagogue outside of Philadelphia.

Anthony Accurso and Laurie Ehrlich '95
Anthony Accurso is excited to join Laurie Ehrlich in the planning of the fifth of our five-year reunions.  The ethos of the Pinball Lizard lives on within all of us.  We look forward to seeing everybody and seek to build a fun and meaningful weekend based on inclusivity and family friendliness.  


Anthony Accurso returned to NYC from Baltimore in 2016.  He is a primary care physician and addiction medicine specialist at the Family Health Centers of NYU, Brooklyn.  He lives in Park Slope with wife and two elementary aged children.  He still enjoys convening his friends for music jamming and explores Brooklyn in search of exceptional pizza slices and empanadas.  

Judd Kessler, Class of '00
Judd KesslerJudd Kessler, class of '00, is ecstatic to be helping coordinate Apocalypse Cow's 20th reunion. His memories of Hunter vacillate between time spent in the GO office, Brick Prison productions, and playing for Hunter basketball teams. Over the past two decades, the love of Economics that Mr. Adler inspired in him in 10th grade has grown into a PhD and an academic career. He is now a tenured professor in the Business Economics and Public Policy Department at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, teaching undergraduate and MBA students—including a good number of HCHS alums—the principles of Behavioral Economics. His friendships from Hunter still run deep, and thankfully so, since a friend from Hunter introduced him to his now wife. Consequently, Hunter can rightfully take credit for their son and two daughters. They all live on the UWS—about one mile from the brick prison—further evidence of Hunter's ever-present gravity on his life.